Thursday, August 18, 2011

poems on science

science poems:
human body
  bones: (the bone thief)  
  brain: (I'm nervous about my nervous system)  
  circulatory system: (heart, veins, and arteries are a part of me!)  
  digestive system: (digestion prevents congestion!)  
  heart: (the organ that never takes a rest)  
  ligament: (holds bones to bones- better than glue!)  
  muscles: (you need them to move)  
  tendon: (connects our muscles to our bones!)  
  respiratory system: (trachea, lungs, alveoli)  
  teeth: (hardest part of our body)  
  vein: (I know I'm the best)  

5 senses
five senses
  five senses: (for five body parts)  
  ear: (my sense of hearing)  
  eye: (my sense of sight)  
  skin: (my sense of touch)  
  nose: (my sense of smell)  
  tongue: (my sense of taste)  

science poems:
general biology



mammals: (they're not fish, frogs, or birds)  


adaptation: (why I make change)  
  autotroph: (don't buy bread in a loaf!)  
  basic needs: (of living things)  
  chicken egg: (a chubby chicken laid no eggs!)  
  extinction: (let's protect endangered species)  
  food chain (what eats what and who eats who?)  
  fungus: (on my pizza)  
  hibernation: (a kid who slept too much)  
  carnivore: (but Clyde never ate meat!)  
  herbivore: (eating plants what they adore!)  
  omnivore: (so easy to please)  
  migration: (moving to new ground)  
  diurnal: (I'll stay up all night!)  
  nocturnal: (the sun goes down, I come out)  
  parasite: (the day I bit a mosquito)  
  predator: (I hunt for my food)  
  prey: (not a meal or a snack!)  

science poems:
chemistry equipment
  covalent bond: (sharing's nice!)  
  element: (the building blocks of everything!)  
  chemical change: (changing my molecules)  
  physical change: (visual change)  
  dissolve: (how I hid the sugar!)  
  condensation: (we got water for you)  
  evaporation: (it's quite the sensation!)  
  oxygen: (how long can I hold my breath?)  
  oxidation/rust: (about a ladder you shouldn't trust)  
  H2O/water: (an oxygen atom that liked to cut school)  

science poems:
earth science
  antarctica (the coldest place on Earth!)  
  climate: (weather, you like it or not!)  
  desert: (hot or cold, they're always dry)  
  earthquake: (tectonic plate)  
  equator: (and the silly little ladybug)  
  everest: (the highest mountain on Earth!)  
  rocks: (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic)  
  volcano: (magnificent magma)  
  water cycle: (keeping it fresh)  

land forms
  archipelago: (when one island's not enough!)  
  island: (water's all around me)  
  isthmus: (a swiss miss gave me an isthmus for christmas!)  
  peninsula: (starts with a pen but not filled with ink!)  
  strait: (links up two bodies of water)  

the 4-seasons
the four seasons
  spring: season poems: (spring has sprung)  
  summer: season poems: (trees and bees)  
  fall: season poems: (winged things fly south)  
  winter: season poems: (skiing, sledding, leafless trees)  

science poems:

  magnets: (they're not for eating!)  
  colors and light: (wavelengths)  
  force: (makes things move)  
  gravity: (why it hurts when I fall)  
  position words: (above, below, in front, behind)  
  sound: (vibrations make sound)  

science poems:

astronomy &
solar system

  the sun: (no life without my energy)  
  mercury: (closest to the Sun)  
  venus: (spins the other way!)  
  earth: (the planet we all share)  
  mars: (martians are coming!)  
  jupiter: (big bully of the sky!)  
  saturn: (rings for sale!)  
  uranus: (I spin on my side!)  
  neptune: (I don't want to be last!)  
  pluto: (I used to be a planet, but now I'm a dwarf!)  
  solar eclipse: (the Sun is gone!)
  meteor: (I want to be a star! (a shooting star))
  milky way: (not just a chocolate bar)  

science poems: plants & tree

science poems:
plants & trees
  cactus: (a plant you shouldn't kiss)  
  deciduous: (why are those trees bald?)  
  leaf: (helps plants survive)  
  photosynthesis: (plants make their own food!)  
  redwoods: (tallest trees on Earth)  
  roots: (part of a plant)  
  seeds: (they can travel)  
  trees: (let's protect them!)                   

science poems: animals


butterfly: (life cycle- metamorphosis)  
  banana slug: (I'm no bug)  
  bird: (a flying vertebrate)  
  blue whale: (the largest animal on Earth....ever)  
  camels: (there's no water in their hump!)  
  caterpillar: (and a giant butterfly)  
  cheetah: (fastest land animal)  
  earthworm: (where would be without him?)  
  elephant: (largest land animal)  
  fish: (gills to breathe)  
  giraffe: (tallest animal on Earth!)  
  kangaroo: (marsupial)  
  lion: (an acrostic poem)  
  mosquito: parasite: (the deadliest living thing)  
  shark: (the largest fish in the sea!)  
  spider: (isn't an insect!)  
  tadpoles: (metamorphosis of a frog)  
  tiger: (largest of all cats)  
  platypus: (an egg-laying mammal)

Our Modern Technology

Here is something I think you will find of interest. Have you ever thought about just how much technology has advanced in the last 50 years or so. Or how some early TV programs and movies had inventions in common place use that seemed to be totally beyond the imagination.
Well, now some of those seemingly beyond belief items are common place in our every day life. Surprising?

10 Comparisons Between The Jetsons and Modern Technology


For those of us who grew up watching The Jetsons back in the 60′s – and to a lesser extent, the generation who were introduced to the space-age animated sitcom during its second run in the 80′s – there was a starry-eyed wonderment at what the future truly held for us. Set in the mid-21st century, The  Jetsons cartoon boasted a bevy of technological marvels. So now that we’re well into the new millennium, how are things stacking up for us? Let’s have a look at 10 comparisons between “then” and now:
  1. Flying Cars – This is probably the most popular of all the tech innovations that the Jetsons cartoon featured. While we’re not exactly zipping along on aerial freeways just yet, there are some prototypes out there to keep the dream alive.
  2. Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Here’s one technology from the ‘toon that I think we can say we’ve pretty much nailed. Thanks to iRobot’s Roomba, we are so there.
  3. Moving Walkways – Though not quite as ubiquitous as on the cartoon series, we’re enjoying  nice leisurely “strolls” on these conveyors here and there.
  4. Tanning Beds – Who knew there would be a market for (literally) self-baking ovens? Answer: Hanna-Barbera, that’s who.
  5. Televiewer – This is another tech marvel from the circa 2062 Jetson Age that has not only arrived, but thrived. We’ve raised a generation at this point that has never known a time when we didn’t get our information from a computer screen.
  6. Jetpacks – While they’re seldom seen outside of James Bond movies or sports stadiums, we’ve got the technology to jet around the skies, just like Elroy here.
  7. Talking Alarm Clocks – You can argue whether this technology is in fact a welcome advancement, but it’s here nonetheless.
  8. Video Chat – I’ll be honest. I thought we’d see flying cars before this innovation would ever come to pass. Shows how much I know. So I’m just as surprised as this guy.
  9. Push-Button Desk Job – Yep, Old George had it pretty easy at work, considering he worked a 9-hour work week. The difference now is that technology, rather than giving us more leisure time, has raised the stakes for productivity in a 40-hour+ work week. Sadly, neither Hanna nor Barbera saw that unfortunate twist coming.
  10. Automatic Meals – It may not be automatic in the strictest sense, but with the push of a button we can conjure up a meal from a frozen block of barely identifiable substances. That’s pretty cool … even edible at times.