Thursday, November 17, 2011

The HighTechScience Robot Collection

Gort from "The Day The Earth Stood Still"
Life Size 8' Tall
Robby the Robot
Robby the Robot
Life Size 7' Tall
B9 "Lost in Space Robot"
B9 Robot
Life Size 6 1/2' Tall
Life Size 6 1/2' Tall
Life Size 1 1/2' Tall
Life Size 1' Tall
Sonny from the 2004 movie "I, Robot".
I-Robot Sonny
Huey, Dewie & Louie
Huey, Dewie & Louie
Huey, Dewie, Louie
Life Size 2' Tall
Our ternimator T2 Robot
Terminator T2
C3PO from Star Wars
Life Size 6 Tall
Our R2D2 Robot from Star Wars
Life Size 3 1/2' Tall
E3PO Servant Droid    
E3PO Servant Droid
Life Size 6' Tall
Our Animatronic, Talking "Yoda" from Star Wars
Animatronic Yoda
Graupner RB-1000 Humaniod Robot
Graupner RB-1000
Our Mindstorms NXT Robot
Mindstorms NXT
Bioloid by Robotis
Maria from the 1927 silent film "Metropolis".
RoboScout by The Sharper Image
Buzz Lightyear from the movie "Toy Story"
Buzz Lightyear
Our Mega-Mech Robot
Our Scooter Robot
Scooter Robot
Our Tobor Robot Tobor Robot Honda's ASIMO Robot
Our RoboPhilo direct from RoboGames
Our RAD Robot version 1.0
R.A.D. Robot v1.0
Our R.A.D. Robot v2.0
R.A.D. Robot v2.0
Our R.A.D. Robot v3.0
R.A.D. Robot v3.0
Our R.A.D. Robot v4.0
R.A.D. Robot v4.0
Our Buck Rogers Twiki Robot
Our "Tekno Sakura" Robot
Tekno Sakura 
Our Program-A-Bot Robot
OmniBot 2000
OmniBot 2000
Our Robosapien V1 Robot
Robosapien V1
Robosapien by Wowwee Robotics
Robosapien V2
RS Media by Wowwee Robotics
RS Media
Our JoeBot Robot
Our Femisapien Robot
Tri-Bot by WowWee Robotics
Our RoboRover Robot
Mr. Personality by WowWee Robotics
Mr. Personality
Our "Tommy Atomic" Robot
Tommy Atomic
Our Radio Shack Inflatable Robot
Radio Shack Inflatable
Our Hearoid Robot by Tomy
Rosie the Robot from the TV Show "The Jetson's"
Jetsons Rosie the Robot
Our RB5X Robot
Our HexAvoider Robot
Our "Digilent RDK" Robot Development Kit
Digilent RDK Basic
Our Digilent RDK Remote Robot
Digilent RDK Remote
Our Verbot Robot
Our HootBot Robot HootBot Our My PAL 2 Robot
My PAL 2
Our Emiglio Robot

Lost in Space Robot
Wisdom Robot
Wisdom Robot
Our "Dance Star Mickey Mouse" Robot
Dance Star Mickey

Roboquad by Wowwee
Wrex the Dawg by Wowwee
Wrex the Dawg
Our Spy Tacker Robot
Spy Tracker
Rovio by WowWee Robotics
Ollo Bug by Robotis Ollo Bug VEXplorer Robot by Innovation First
The Vex ProtoBot Robot
Vex ProtoBot
Our Hexbug Nano Robot HexBug Nano
Our HexBug Original
HexBug Original

HexBug Ant
Our HexBug Crab
HexBug Crab
Our HexBug Inchworm
HexBug Inchworm
Parallax SumoBot
Parallax SumoBot
The Penguin Bot by Parallax Inc.
Parallax Penguin Bot
Our Parllax Boe-Bot with Ping))) Sensors
Parallax Boe-Bot
Our Parallax Boe-Bot Robot with the Crawler Assembly
Parallax Boe-Bot Crawler
Our Parallax Scribbler S2 Robot
Parallax Scribbler S2
Our Parallax Stingray Robot with Ping))) Sensors
Parallax Stingray
Our Pleo Robot
Our AR Drone Robotic Quadracopter

AR Drone Quadracopter
The Solar Fly by JCM Inventures
Solar Fly
Cybug SolarFly by JCM inVentures
Cybug Scarab
The OWI Sumo Robot
OWI Sumo Bot
Our Cytron Walking Biped Robot
Cytron Walking Biped
Our Solar Powered Frog Robot
Solar Frog Robot
Our Solar Powered Grasshopper Robot
Solar Grasshopper
Our Solar Powered Crab Robot
Solar Crab Robot
Our Moon Walker Robot
Moon Walker Robot
Our MicroRobot Cruiser
MicroBot Cruiser
Our AirRat Maze Solving Robot
AirRat Maze Robot
Sharper Image RoboBoxing Fighters
S.I. RoboBoxing
Rover Robot
Rover Robot
Our SkitterBot
Our MagBug 2.0 Robotic Wall Climber
MagBug 2.0
Our Robotic Butterfly
Robotic Butterfly
Our "TrekBot" Robot TrekBot
Our BugBot Flapper
BugBot Flapper
Our BugBot Trax
BugBot Trax
Our BugBot Skipper
BugBot Skipper
Our BugBot Zook
BugBot Zook
Our Roboni-i Robotic Gaming System
Our Tux Droid Robot
Tux Droid
Our RoboReptile Robot
Our RoboRaptor Robot
"Herbie the MouseBot" from Solarbotics
Herbie the MouseBot
Our "Mr. Clock Radio" Robotic Clock
Robotic Clock
Our Antoid Robot from IBotz
Our Hydrazoid Robot by iBotz
Our Elenco Scarab Robot
Scarab Robot
Our Elenco "Escape" Robot
Escape Robot
Our Elenco "Line Tracker" Robot
Line Tracker Robot
Our Elenco "Soccer Bot" Robot
Soccer Bot
Our Brat Biped Walking Robot
Brat Biped Robot
Our K-9 Robotic Dog K-9 Robotic Dog Our Sonic Robot
Sonic Robot
Our Little Android Robot
Little Android
Our Solar Powered Sea Gull Robotic Kit Solar Sea Gull
The Follow-Me Robot by Elenco
Follow-Me Robot
The Spykee Robot
Gutter Cleaning System by IRobot
IRobot Gutter Cleaner
Our Roomba Robotic Vacuum
IRobot Roomba #4230
The Roomba #610 Robotic Vacuum by IRobot
IRobot Roomba #610
Roomba #380 Robotic Floor Washer by IRobot
IRobot Scooba # 380
Compact Scooba Floor Washing System by IRobot
IRobot Scooba Mini #230
MegaByte by Wowwee
Robopet by WowWee Robotics
Aibo Robot by Sony
    Aibo coming soon
Our Tekno Robotic Puppy
Tekno Puppy
Our Tekno Robotic Kitty
Tekno Kitty
Our Mio Pup Robotic Pet
Mio Pup
Our Poo Chi Robot
Poo Chi
Our Tekno Bot Robot
Tekno Bot
Our Tekno Turtle Robot
Tekno Turtle
Our Tekno Boy Robot
Tekno Boy
Our Tekno Robotic Parrot
Tekno Parrot
Our 2-XL Educational Robot by Tiger Electronics
2-XL Educational Bot
Our Fisher Price "Kasey the KinderBot" Robot
Kasey the KinderBot
Our Toby the TotBot Robot
Toby the TotBot
Our Space Robo
Space Robo
Our RoboKid Robot
Our Dancing & Disc Shooting Robot
Dancing Robot
Our Perfect Penguin Robot
Perfect Penguin
Our Binary Player Robot by OWI
Binary Player Robot
Our Furby Robot
Furby Original
Our Funky Furby
Funky Furby
Our Emoto-Tronic Furby
Emoto-Tronic Furby
Our Baby Furby
Furby Baby
Our Special Edition Racing Furby
Racing Furby
Our Special Edition Wizard Furby
Wizard Furby
Our Special Edition Graduation Furby
Graduation Furby
Our Special Edition Millennium Furby
Millennium Furby
Our Special Edition Gizmo Furby
Gizmo Furby
Our Special Edition Halloween Furby
Halloween Furby
Our Special Edition Santa Furby
Santa Furby
Our "Rock Em Sock Em" Robots
RockEm SockEm Robots
  Soccerbot by Graupner Robotics
Our TankBot Robot
Robotic Koala Joey by WowWee
Robotic Koala Joey
    Our "MAR's" Motorized Attack Robot
Motorized Attack Robot
Our Starroid Radio Robot
Starroid Radio Robot
Our Robo Fan
Robo Fan
Our Space Robot Radio
Space Robot Radio
Our Nintendo R.O.B.  (Robotic Operating Buddy)
Nintendo R.O.B. Robot
Our Joke Master Jr. Robot
Joke Master Jr. Robot
Our Brian the Brain Educational Robot
Brian the Brain Robot
Our VTech Smarty Pets Robot
VTech Smarty Pets
Our LawnBott Robotic Mower Model #3210 LawnBott Robotic Mower
Our Genuine Vesicare Advertising Robot
Vesicare Ad Robot
Our Android Robot Android Robot
Our RoboMop Floor Cleaning Robot RoboMop
Our Dagu Robotic Platform Dagu Robotic Platform
Our OWI Weasel Robot
OWI Weasel Robot
Our Alpha Robot
Alpha Robot
Our Sharper Image WeeBot
Sharper Image

Our IBotz Reversing Robot
IBotz Reversing Robot
Our Cyber Spider Robot
Cyber Spider
Our Meow-Chi Robotic Cat
Our Sharper Image WeeBot Robot
S.I. WeeBot
Our Elenco Sound Tracker Robot
Elenco Sound Tracker
Our Original Armatron by Radio Shack
Armatron Original
Our Super Armatron
Super Armatron
Our OWI Robotic Arm
OWI Robotic Arm
Our OWI Robotic Arm Trainer
OWI Robotic Arm Trainer
Our I-Dog Robot
Our I-Turtle Robot
Our I-CY Robotic Penguin
Our RoboPanda Robot
Our DustBot Robot
Our SteamPunk Robot
Our Wowwee Alive! Chimp Robot
Robotic Chimp
Our Elvis Alive Robot
Robotic Elvis
Prime-8 by Bossa Nova Robotics
Penbo by Bossa Nova Robotics
Our Ottobot Robot
RoboBoa from the WowWee Company
Our Elenco Soccer Robot
Soccer Robot
Our JCM Sumo Robot
JCM Sumo Robot
Our QuadraBotz Robot
Our LynzMotion Hexapod Robot
LynzMotion Hexapod
Our Chatterbot Devil Robot
Chatterbot Devil
Our Chatterbot Dog Robot
Chatterbot Dog
Our Chatterbot Fairy Robot
Chatterbot Fairy
Our Climbatron Robot
Our Technibot XR-1 Robot
Technibot XR-1
Our "CompuRobot"
Our George Robot
George Robot
Our Vincent Robot
Vincent Robot
Our Sir Galaxy Robot
Sir Galaxy
Buster the Robot
Buster the Robot
I-Sobot by Tomy
Our Squawkers Robotic Parrot
Squawkers Robo Parrot

Ladybug Robot
Robotics Squared Animatronic Head
Robotics Squared
Nozzle Nolen Robotic Elephant
Nozzle Nolen Elephant
Robotic Polar Bear Cub by WowWee
Polar Bear Cub
Robotic Lion Cub by WowWee
Robotic Lion Cub
Robotic Panda Cub by WowWee
Robotic Panda Cub
Robotic Leopard Cub by WowWee
Robotic Leopard Cub
Robotic Husky Puppy by WowWee
Robotic Husky Puppy
Robotic Poodle Puppy by WowWee
Robotic Poodle Pup
Robotic Fox Terrier Puppy by WowWee
Robotic Fox Terrier
Robotic Seal Pup by WowWee Robotic Seal Pup
Robotic Tiger Cub by WowWee
Robotic Tiger Cub
Robotic Tiger Cub by WowWee
Orange Tiger Cub
Robotic Perfect Puppy Bella by WowWee
Perfect Puppy Bella
Robotic Perfect Puppy Buddy by WowWee
Perfect Puppy Buddy
Our Robotic Santa Claus
Robotic Santa Claus
Our Animated Mrs. Claus
Robotic Mrs. Claus
Our Animatronic Demented Fog Creature
Animatronic Fog Creature
Our Animatronic Arthur Robotic Head
Animatronic Arthur
Our Tombstone Ghoul Robot
Tombstone Ghoul
Our Hex Boy Robot
Hex Boy
Our "Drop Dead Fred" Animatronic
Drop Dead Fred
Our "Lifting Zombie" Animatronic
Lifting Zombie
Our Rising Ghoul Animatronic
Rising Ghoul
Our Spazm Robot
Our "Wall Breaker" animatronic
Wall Breaker
Our Crawling Zombie Animatronic
Crawling Zombie
Our "Buzz" Electrocuted Man Robot.
Electrocuted Man
Our Hellraiser "Pinhead" Animatronic
Hellraiser Pinhead
Our Face Ripper Robot
Face Ripper
Our "Dobson the Butler" animatronic
Dobson the Butler
Our Full Size Frankenstein Animatronic
Our "Rocking Granny" Animatronic Rocking Granny    
Our Robotic Witch
Robotic Witch
Our Mad Scientist Robot
Mad Scientist
Our Edwardian Butler Robot
Edwardian Butler
Our Groom & Brides Head Robot
Groom & Brides Head

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