Sunday, November 13, 2011

Biotechnology News
Site sponsored by the Biotechnology Industry Organization. It provides daily the latest news stories from all areas of biotechnology, as well as from specific subareas, such as genomics, bioinformations, proteomics, cloning, stem cells, regenerative medicine, vaccines, emerging and recurrent diseases, and genetically modified organisms. Research News
The main focus of the site is industry-oriented news about medicine and biotechnology, but research-oriented news is included as well.
Technology Review: Biotech
High quality news articles that focus on the technology more than on business aspects.
Biotech International: Latest News
Biotechnology industry news provided by Biotech International. Covers both scientific developments and commercial news.
Good biotech news, with separate sections for genomics/proteomics, drug discovery, biochemistry, and therapeutics.
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
News about genetic engineering and biotechnology. News highlights.
GenomeWeb Daily News
Provides general medical and biotechnology news, oriented towards medical and scientific professionals. There's a related site, Genome Technology Online, which also has recent news.
Fierce Biotech
Daily news of the biotech industry, plus special report articles on biotechnology topics.
"A resource for anything and everything related to Gene Therapy with the latest news, a discussion forum, and informative emails & free conference pass offerings to registered users."
The Genomics and Proteomics Information Portal News
News articles related to genomics and proteomics at the Genomics and Proteomics Information Portal, compiled from press releases
Carries news reports of progress in drug development and biotechnology in general.
News and opinion for the pharmaceutical industry.
Australian Life Scientist
Good biotech news that deals with both the science and health and business aspects of biotechnology.
Therapeutics Daily
Health/medicine news from many sources, orgainized by subject, provided by industry organization Requires (no charge) login.
Worldwide biotechnology news and information service.
General biotech news, with a special orphan drug/disease portal. Also has business/industry news, and "green" biotech news.
Bio-IT World
Provides links to news items on the biotech/pharmaceutical industry from a variety of sources.
Biotech and pharmaceutical industry news, focused on European companies and lagoratories.
Pharmaceutical and biotech news.
Biotech and pharmaceutical industry news, with emphasis on the business side.
Yahoo News Full Coverage: Biotechnology and Genetics
Links to recent news stories from various sources. Also includes links to sites dealing with biotechnology. Biotechnology Channel
A fee is charged for access to all but the most recent articles.

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